For patients dealing with acute health challenges, seeing a physician may be difficult. Concierge medicine can be a convenient solution. Not only do you receive personalized attention, but also faster access to a primary care physician. We don’t see as many patients as other medical practices do. You can usually be seen the same day or next day for urgent medical issues. You will spend less time waiting, and more time with your physician. 

When dealing with chronic health worries, persistent pain, or even life-threatening conditions, having access to a team of board-certified physicians and support staff can mean a huge improvement in your quality of life. At Long Beach Internal Medical Group, our philosophy allows us to spend more time with every person we see, and to treat them as individuals.

If you are dealing with acute medical problems, here are a few more things you should know about our practice:

  • We don’t see as many patients as other medical practices do, meaning you’ll spend less time waiting and more time with your physician
  • Our focus is on treating an individual, helping clients live healthier, live better and live longer
  • The physicians in our office will work with you to manage medications, lifestyle, and other factors to minimize pain and enhance your quality of life

Did you know? 

The cost of preventative care is approximately $150 a month. The lifetime cost of a stroke is approximately $140,000.