Does the doctor have a limit to how many patients they will take?

Yes, the doctor will not go over 600 patients.  If the doctor reaches 600 patients the next person to request to sign up will be put on a waiting list.


What is the Patient Portal?  

The Patient Portal is a way for you to securely communicate with the office staff or your doctor electronically.  You can ask your doctor a question, ask the billing department a question, request an appointment etc.  Please do not submit any time sensitive or urgent messages.  To sign up, just click on Patient Portal and fill out the registration page.


Does Long Beach Internal Medical Group handle the billing for Personalized Care Membership

Yes, we do handle all of the billing for the Personalized care membership annual payment.


Is my annual physical billed to my insurance? 

Yes, your physician is required by law to submit a claim to your insurance company for the basic exam services.  Your insurance carrier’s co-payment and deductible rules may apply.  


My insurance already provides for an annual physical.  What is different about this?  

The Personalized care membership program physical is dramatically broader than that which may be covered by insurance.  Your personalized care membership fee is for the enhanced services your insurance does not cover.


Why did I receive a lab requisition for Quest instead of HealthTech Memorial?

As of June 2015 Quest Diagnostics bought out HealthTech MemorialCare lab.  Quest lab stations will take walk-ins but they prefer for you to schedule an appointment.  You can call 888-277-8772 or go online to


Does my insurance cover my annual fee?
The annual fee for your wellness program is generally not covered by insurance.  All office visits, hospital stays and visits to specialists will be billed to your insurance.  Your copay or deductible fees still apply.
Do I have to sign my dependents up with LBIMG Personalized Care?
As a courtesy, we will care for dependent children between the ages of 16 and 26 without an additional annual fee.

Can my doctor see family members who visit me from out of town? 

Yes. Your doctor will see your visiting out of town family member for urgent health matters.  Office visit fees apply.