Concierge Medicine, Expect More From Personalized Care


Comprehensive yearly executive physicals

Your doctor’s undivided attention to your health

Your doctor will spend time with you during unhurried visits

Focus on preventative care

24/7 phone availability


Your doctor will take care of you in the hospital

Office visits for visiting family

Care for adult children (age 16-26) living with you

Same day or next day urgent appointments

State-of-the art electronic health records


Long Beach Internal Medical Group is a concierge medical practice that provides personalized primary and preventative care in a compassionate and unhurried setting. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality comprehensive care to our patients with an emphasis on wellness and prevention. Our physicians devote quality time and attention to a smaller group of patients compared to the conventional physician who typically oversees 2,000-4,000 patients. By limiting the number of patients in our concierge practice, our team of board certified physicians and medical staff provides enhanced medical care in which patients can expect 24/7 access to our physicians, high-quality healthcare, and a strong collaborative doctor- patient relationship. 

Make an appointment to meet the doctors at no cost and decide if personalized care is right for you.



Long Beach Internal Medical Group strives to provide high quality primary and specialty care to all our patients. We believe in
staying ahead in the field of medicine and providing our patients in the community with excellent healthcare, services, and information.